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P  - Contraindicated in pregnancy

L  - Contraindicated in lactation

Molecule Info

ATC Classification
N06BX18 - vinpocetine; Belongs to the class of other agents used as CNS stimulant.
Vinpocetine is reported to improve cerebral metabolism. It increases the glucose and oxygen consumption and utilization of the brain tissue, improves the hypoxia tolerance of the brain cell, shifts glucose metabolism towards the energetically more favorable aerobic pathway, exerts antioxidant activity, as a result of all the effects it is a cerebroprotective compound. Vinpocetine considerably improves cerebral microcirculation. For further details please review "Chemical Information Review Document for Vinpocetine" below.
All forms of acute and chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency: TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack), reversible ischaemic neurological deficiency, progressive stroke, completed stroke, post-apoplectic conditions, multi-infarct dementia, cerebral arteriosclerosis, post traumatic, hypertensive encephalopathy etc. For the reduction of psychic or neurological symptoms of cerebral insufficiency (e.g., memory disturbance, dizziness, headache, aphasia, locomotor disorder etc.).

Ophthalmology: It can be used for the treatment of vascular disorder of the choroid and retina due to arteriosclerosis, vasospasm, macular degeneration, arterial and venous thrombosis or embolism and glaucoma secondary to above mentioned disorders.

Otology: For the treatment of impaired hearing of vascular or toxic(Iatrogenic) origin, presbyacusis, menier's disease, cochleovestibular neuritis, tinnitus and dizziness of labyrinth origin.
Dosage & Administration
Each tablet contains Vinpocetine BP 5 mg. Vinpocetine is taken 1-2 tablets three times daily with meals. The maintenance dose is 1 tablet three times daily over long periods.
Vinpocetine is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Hypersensitivity to its components is also contraindicated.
Special Precautions
Because Vinpocetine can reduce the ability of blood to clot, those individuals with a tendency to bleed should avoid Vinpocetine.
Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse reactions associated with vinpocetine consumption include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, transient hypo- and hyper-tension, headaches, and heartburn. Alterations in blood pressure and blood glucose levels were observed with prolonged use. Potential for development of tachycardia was also noted. In an elder Japanese man, vinpocetine was reported to produce agranulocytosis. For further details please review "Chemical Information Review Document for Vinpocetine" below.

Drug Interactions
Should not be given with Heparin.
Use during Pregnancy
Not recommended.

In absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) studies, volunteers were orally exposed to radiolabeled vinpocetine. Radioactivity concentration decreased in the stomach and increased in the liver, blood, and kidneys. Unchanged vinpocetine levels in urine decreased to 4% after 60 minutes. Heterogenous brain distribution was noted; greatest uptake was observed in the thalamus, occipital cortex, basal ganglia, and some cortical structures. After intravenous (i.v.) administration of vinpocetine, vinpocetine and apovincaminic acid were detected in cerebrospinal fluid. In another i.v. study, total brain uptake of vinpocetine, peaked 2 minutes after administration and represented 3.71% of the total radioactivity administered. The greatest amount was present in the thalamus.

Pharmacokinetic studies on vinpocetine and apovincaminic acid, the main metabolite after vinpocetine consumption, have been conducted after oral consumption and i.v. administration of vinpocetine.

The half-life of vinpocetine after oral administration ranged from 1.73 t o 2.9 hours, while the half-life of apovincaminic acid after oral vinpocetine administration was calculated to be 1.25 hours. After intravenous vinpocetine administration, the half-lives of vinpocetine and apovincaminic acid were 2.1 to 17 hours and 2.8 hours, respectively.

Brand/Product Info

Total Products : 13             
Brand Name Manufacturer/Marketer Composition Dosage Form Pack Size & Price
AVINTOL ACI Ltd. Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 200.00 MRP
CAMITON Drug International Ltd Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 100's: 400.00 MRP
CAVINTON Gedeon Richter/City Overseas Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 360.00TP
CAVINTON Injection Gedeon Richter/City Overseas Vinpocetine 10mg/2ml Injection 10 amps: 408.70 TP
CAVITON Opsonin Pharma Limited Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 150.00 MRP
CERENIN Ambee Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 177.50 MRP
CERETON General Pharmaceuticals Ltd Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 175.50 MRP
CEREVAS 5 Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vinpocetine 5mg Tablet 5x10's: 201.50 MRP
CERIVIN Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd Vinpocetine BP 5mg Tablet 100's: 402.00 MRP
COGNITOL Sun Pharmaceutical (Bangladesh) Ltd. Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 50's: 203.00 MRP
VINCET Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) INN 5mg Tablet 50's MRP: 200.00
Vinsetine Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited Vinpocetine BP 5 mg Tablet 100's:MRP 400 Tk
VINTON Aristopharma Ltd. Vinpocetine (apovincaminic ethylester) 5mg Tablet 100's: 400.00 MRP

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