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Mascot Plaza (6th Floor), Plot #107/A, Sector #7, Uttara, Dhaka 1231. Bangladesh
02-8952225 , 02-8920664
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Total Products : 1 
Brand Name Generic Composition Dosage Pack Size & Price
Eye Drop 5ml: 85.00 MRP
Simple Breath Test Might Diagnose Heart Failure An experimental breath test, designed to quickly identify patients suffering from heart failure simply by analyzing the contents of a...
Osteoporosis drug stops Breast cancer growth   News & Events News & Events     HIGHLIGHTS Osteoporosis drug stops growth of breast cancer...
Generic drug safety info loophole FDA plans to close generic drug safety info loophole The US Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to speed up the dissemination of...
Large trials unpublished   News & Events News & Events   HIGHLIGHTS Almost 1 in 3 of large clinical trials unpublished after...
TB activists boo Indian minister News & Events News & Events   HIGHLIGHTS TB activists at world conference boo Indian minister off...
Key bone marrow protein identified News & Events News & Events   HIGHLIGHTS Key bone marrow protein identified as potential new leukemia...